Reducing CAPEX through a cloud solution for an accounting firm

A pioneer in the Philippine finance outsourcing space taps Orange and Bronze to provide a solution to eliminate costs associated with hardware procurement.

G Suite

Control increasing capital expenditure

The company was maintaining an on-premise server for their email and communication tools. The hardware badly needed to be upgraded because of performance and memory storage issues.

As an accounting firm, they were dealing with voluminous data on a daily basis, as they were communicating and transacting with hundreds of clients. There were a lot of emails with heavy attachments going back and forth. Their current email set-up cannot handle the volume and users have been complaining that their email storage wasn’t enough. As a result, network slow downs and server crashes were a regular occurence.

The company handled payroll processing for many large Philippines corporations - they are accountable to hundreds of their clients. They simply couldn’t afford to be unresponsive or unreliable because of issues with their communication tools.

Because of this, their IT staff spent most of their working hours maintaining and managing their aging servers. They also didn’t have the budget to hire more staff to help with other tasks. This issue bogged down productivity not only of the IT staff, but of the whole company.


Migrated from an on-premise email server to G Suite, a cloud-based solution

O&B recommended G Suite - a cloud-based email solution that requires no maintenance once successfully set-up. The solution does not need hardware to be installed or maintained.

The company immediately realized the benefits of migrating to G Suite. O&B helped them transition their initial 225 users from Lotus Notes to G Suite. O&B provided installation and migration services, and made sure that their business operations were not disrupted by the move. O&B also provided change management services to minimize resistance to change, which was expected from some of the users.


Eliminated the need to procure and maintain expensive servers

Employees enjoy 30 GB of storage per user. They do not have to worry about deleting or archiving important correspondence and files because the storage capacity is flexible - it can be increased as requested. They also appreciated GMail’s reliability - 99.978% availability and no scheduled downtimes.

The company has since grown from 225 to over 400 employees. G Suite has seamlessly scaled with the company’s growth. O&B, as their Google partner, continues to provide technical and account support to the company.


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