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Trainee Testimonials

Jowee Reyes - Executive Director, Pointwest Technologies

"For a long time, Pointwest has been looking for a training provider who has a comprehensive Java training program. Orange and Bronze fills that void. O&B people have the passion competence, energy and pizzazz proven by their training methodology, mentoring skills, and team of Java professionals. O&B individuals are a testimony to their teaching prowess."

- Jowee Reyes

Executive Director
Pointwest Technologies

Hazel Manaquil - Philippine Airlines

"What I particularly appreciate in the training method in Orange and Bronze is that it encourages the trainee to pay close attention and to review the lessons because quizzes and exams are given. They also have the right balance of lectures and application through examples, hands-on exercises and the machine problem given at the later part of the course. This is the culmination and proof of what you have learned and applied. Most importantly, Orange and Bronze doesn't only teach you the technology but also how to apply the technology right."

- Hazel Manaquil
 Systems Analyst
 Philippine Airlines

Shirley San Miguel - Misys International Banking System

"It is useful for me, being new to Agile that time. I learned the basic concepts and why Agile is better than Waterfall. They had given us exercises during the training to illustrate real life scenarios in the development."

- Shirley San Miguel
Expert Software Engineer
Misys International Banking System

Allan Ancaja - Misys International Banking System

"The java training from O&B for my current role is helpful. I can now understand some of the codes and also able to troubleshoot build errors on my workspace – which previously I would normally need to ask help from a java developer. I am also able to guide some of the people from my team in solving build errors."

- Allan Ancaja
Expert Configuration Engineer
Misys International Banking System

Kathy Uy - Misys International Banking System

"I like the training conducted by Orange & Bronze last time. I find it quite useful and I understood the Java structure much better. I like the Introduction and Best Industry Practices."

- Kathy Uy
Expert Configuration Engineer
Misys International Banking System

Ronald Leonor Ramos - Smart Communications Inc.

“Orange & Bronze’s Android Bootcamp provided the perfect blend of discussion and hands-on-work to properly introduce someone to the Android programming environment. As someone who programs in Java a lot I found the pace just right and the topics spot on. Mr. Butch was also a great instructor, well-versed in Android App development.”

- Ronald Leonor Ramos
Information Technology Specialist
Smart Communications Inc.

Mojahid Manapaat - Software Engineer

“If you are planning to use or will be using Spring and JPA/Hibernate in a project, then you should consider taking the course being offered by O&B. With it, you can learn how to use the technology effectively and even learn best practices.”

- Mojahid Manapaat
Software Engineer