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"Simplicity and elegance are unpopular because

they require hard work and discipline to achieve

and education to be appreciated." 

                                                      - Edsger Dijkstra

In software development, there is no substitute for talent. No amount of training, or tools, or processes, or certifications, can turn a mediocre developer into a great one. If you just require application maintenance (copy & paste), mediocre is fine. If you want to create mission-critical systems, take your products to market quickly, and maintain a clean code base, then you need great developers.

  • At

we find the best programming talent. Despite the highly-competitive recruitment environment,

we only accept around 3% of applicants. That's because they have to go through a rigorous programming test which weeds out around 90% of applicants. We then screen out the remaining applicants via a series of interviews that look for love of programming, work ethic and leadership, which eliminates many more.

Developers are then put through a

course which covers You can check out our developer reading list to get an idea of our training coverage.

Training and learning continues throughout the career of a developer in O&B.

Each developer is assigned a senior mentor to provide one-on-one support for his/her growth. Frequent training courses and knowledge-sharing sessions are provided to developers, including our for more senior developers. There are also numerous other activities that provide avenues for learning, such as hackathons and other competitions.

Working with Orange & Bronze Software Labs definitely means highly professional, passionate, highly-skilled engineers and analysts that genuinely want to see your company to succeed.