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Spring Boot Engineer (Work From Home)

Compensation ₱30K - ₱130K, depending on experience

A Spring Boot Engineer assumes the responsibility of a programmer and consultant whose responsibilities involve the implementation of and assisting/advising on the software development process. Relevant skills include:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot (preferred), Spring or JavaEE
  • Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Agile Development

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Software Development
    • Initiates open discussions with the clients to get a better understanding of their needs;
    • Assists in designing software to ensure that the most suitable solutions are built to meet the client’s needs and business value;
    • Works with clients to resolve issues and impediments by providing appropriate solutions and recommendations;
    • Collaborates with teammates and other stakeholders to get the best output of the software;
    • Implements best practices in software development such as testing, self-documenting code, and other practices necessary for delivering a sustainable and working software; and
    • Evaluates and constantly improves implementation of software practices.
  • Client Management
    • Adapts to the clients’ environment and culture by following the dress code and working hours;
    • Understands, handles, and manages clients’ expectation; and
    • Encourages clients towards the implementation of best practices into their software engineering.
  • Strong skills and experience in Java (Java-related Certifications is a plus)
  • With experience/knowledge in Spring Boot (preferred), Spring or JavaEE
  • With experience/knowledge in JPA
  • Preferred experience in Agile Software Development
  • Knowledge of best practices, Object-Oriented Programming, Object-Oriented Design, Design Patterns, and Enterprise Patterns.


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