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We're are looking for talented individuals who would like to thrive in a culture of learning, collaboration, and productivity.

O&B seeks to enhance the culture of learning throughout the organization through various employee programs. We bring knowledge sharing to our people using different avenues and expose them to growth opportunities.


Recruitment and Events Specialist

  • Recruitment
    • Provides general administrative support to Recruitment activities of the company.
    • Performs routine clerical duties including replying to emails, filing, photocopying, faxing, data entry, scheduling of meetings related to recruitment matters.
    • Calls qualified applicants for scheduled examinations, interviews and job offers.
    • Administers examinations to all shortlisted candidates, facilitates checking of examination papers and compiles their exams scores.
    • Schedules interviews of qualified applicants for both behavioral and technical.
    • Updates recruitment tracker to provide detailed information of all applicants.
    • Participates in Recruitment events such as school events and monthly general Meetings.
    • Sources applicants in LinkedIn and in other job sites available, sends texts for Referrals.
    • Responds to emails regarding the applicants’ concerns and inquiries, coordinates with Head of HR to address such issues.
    • Checks application and categorizes applicants according to its respective Qualifications.
    • Prepares timecard for all employees assigned in O&B HQ.
  • Events
    • Builds relationship with different schools through organizational tie ups (such as but not limited to scholarships, teachers immersions and academic development)
    • Builds relationship with the community (such as users groups, academe and industry institutions) ensure that we maintain visibility for prospective talent opportunities. This may include communicating, organizing, facilitating and attending events.
    • Ensures proper execution for all O&B events, such as anniversaries and trainings.
    • Facilitates proper documentation of all events and initiatives to ensure that they can be used as references for articles and cascades.
    • Other tasks may be assigned from time to time.
  • At least 6 months to 1 year relevant work experience in the field of HR, Recruitment and/or Events Management
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Is highly organized and has planning skills


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