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We're are looking for talented individuals who would like to thrive in a culture of learning, collaboration, and productivity.

O&B seeks to enhance the culture of learning throughout the organization through various employee programs. We bring knowledge sharing to our people using different avenues and expose them to growth opportunities.


Quality Engineer / Business Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Understand business requirements and functional design
  • Assess possible points of failure and unhandled exceptions from a functional point of view to come up with comprehensive Test Plan
  • Create Test Cases and develop automation scripts
  • Generate input test data to cover all test cases
  • Identify and secure testing requirements such as Test Environment, Test Data, Software, Hardware, Test Automation or Test Tools, etc.
  • Cover areas such as enterprise analysis, requirement planning and management, requirement analysis, solution assessment and validation
  • Collect and analyse technical information and write test documentation
  • Facilitate and execute various test plans and activities
  • Document the test findings, both pass and fail cases through test case management tool
  • Validate all failed cases and assess impact to overall project objectives
  • Evaluate test results and identify possible design or requirements issues
  • Coordinate with the development teams to assess and address any issues arising from the testing process
  • Log all bugs through the bug tracking tool
  • Monitor patches and enhancements for retesting/regression testing
  • Participate in pre and post production validation activities
  • Remind all involved in the project of their commitments and deliverables
Education and Experience

Preferred by not required:

  • Degree in one of the following:
    • Any IT-related degree program - CS, IT, IS, MIS, etc.
    • Any business-related program - Business Administration, Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Commerce, Management, etc.
    • Library Science
  • Basic competence in any programming language or in SQL.
  • Accounting and Finance fundamentals
  • Experience in leading projects or teams
    • e.g. school projects, school organizations, student council
    • e.g. office projects, office teams
Skills and Attributes
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Articulate and can convey ideas very well
  • Assertive yet diplomatic
  • Analytical and organizational skills
  • Can interface with people of any level or background within or outside the organization


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