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We're looking for talented individuals who would like to thrive in a culture of learning, collaboration, and productivity.

O&B seeks to enhance the culture of learning throughout the organization through various employee programs. We bring knowledge sharing to our people using different avenues and expose them to growth opportunities.


Business Analyst and Quality Engineer


Before a product can be built, it needs to be defined. This is the valuable role that Business Analyst & Quality Engineer (BA/QE) plays. The BA/QE engages business stakeholders to define and prioritize problems, risks, and opportunities, and then works with engineers to develop appropriate solutions to address such problems, risks and opportunities.
The BA/QE is the first step in becoming a software industry Product Owner - one who shapes the vision and scope of innovative technology products.

What You Will Learn
  • Software development best practices - e.g. Agile, DevOps
  • Various business domains
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Software technology
  • Management skills
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Speak to business stakeholders to understand and prioritize problems, risks and opportunities
  • Collaborate with engineers to create appropriate solutions
  • Test software to check if it meets agreed specifications
  • Document designs and plans
  • Advise clients on options and best practices
  • Other roles and responsibilities may be assigned as necessary
Education and Experience
  • Experience in leading projects or teams
    • e.g. school projects, school organizations, student council
    • e.g. office projects, office teams
  • If fresh grad, preferred educational background (not necessarily graduate):
    • Any IT-related degree program - CS, IT, IS, MIS, etc.
    • Any business-related program - Business Administration, Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Commerce, Management, etc.
    • Library Science
  • Plus Points:
    • Basic competence in any programming language or in SQL.
    • Accounting and Finance fundamentals
Skills and Attributes
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Articulate and can convey ideas very well
  • Assertive yet diplomatic
  • Analytical and organizational skills
  • Can interface with people of any level or background within or outside the organization


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