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Python Developer

The Python Developer is required to develop, enhance and support suite of system interfaces and regulatory reports using Python and SQL technologies.

  • Developing complex systems in Python which are capable of processing large amounts of data.
  • Working within a self-organising team of Python Developers
  • Influencing architectural and workflow decisions
  • You will apply your skills as a member of highly technically competent
  • Architecture team providing support to Agile deliveries
  • The position requires passion for technical design, development, problem solving, and the ability to learn new concepts quickly.
  • Minimum of 5 years as a developer
  • Strong experience in Python
    • Unit test cases, bandit, PEP-8, list, tuple, dictionary, sets, classes and obejcts
    • Use of Cx_oracle with Python, iterators, JSON, PIP, file handling, XML, HTML, Pandas, Django
  • Excellent Linux skills
    • VI editor and VI commands
    • Basic Unix commands for file handling
    • Shell Scripting Knowledge
  • Working experience with Git version control. Experience in PL/SQL development
    • Cursors, joins, packages, procedures, functions,
    • Writing complex SQL queries, knowledge of explain plan, performance tuning of SQL.
  • Experience in developing resilient, transaction- based web services
  • Good team player
  • Experience working within Agile Scrum Software Development Life Cycle
  • Effective English and verbal communication skills


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