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We're are looking for talented individuals who would like to thrive in a culture of learning, collaboration, and productivity.

O&B seeks to enhance the culture of learning throughout the organization through various employee programs. We bring knowledge sharing to our people using different avenues and expose them to growth opportunities.


Graphic Design Intern

Job Description:

The Graphic Design Intern will be joining the Marketing Team of O&B and would act as an in-house creative agency for all of the company's creative requirements. The successful candidate will have a valuable participation in the actual projects-from conceptualization, development, production to execution of creative works.

Projects don't start and end with graphic design; the responsibilities extend towards web design/development, branding, marketing, search engine optimization, video production, etc. O&B's internship program for Graphic Design interns will provide projects that will help prepare them for the real world.

The successful candidate can take advantage of the company's facilities and resources (books, internal training, and will also have a comfortable and cool workplace while learning and working simultaneously.

Requirements / Qualifications:
  • Candidates should be current Junior to Senior student taking up Multimedia Arts, Fine Arts, Information Systems, or any related course.
  • Able to multi-task; with good layout, design talent and video editing skills.
  • Creative and willing to learn new things.
  • We prefer someone who has strong knowledge in Wordpress.

*Also, provide a sample portfolio and send it to careers@orangeandbronze.com


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