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Database Administrator/Data Management Engineer

This role will work on application analysis for customer-reported issues including log interrogation, data consistency remediation, database tuning, capacity planning, monitoring, and automation, implementation of cleanup jobs, while being an expert resource for the team.

This position includes participation in a 24x7 on-call rotation, requiring an elevated level of personal commitment.

Job Requirements:
  • DBA level skills in mySQL & mongoDB required
  • Postgres, Hadoop, Cassandra desirable
  • Solr, Elasticsearch, Redis/memcached a plus
  • Application analysis, query tuning, index development and deployment
  • Data cleanup & Data integrity
  • Database upgrade project coordination
  • Strong communication skills in written English
  • 24x7 on-call rotation
  • Ability to interact with the global engineering team and articulate technical concepts in written English via tickets and chat
  • Have a natural curiosity, with an ability to research and solve problems independently as well as collaborate with a diverse team
  • Is disciplined and regimented, with a zealous focus on small details and consistency
  • Desire to make yourself and others more effective. You'd be bothered by an inefficient process
  • Occasional business intelligence reporting requests for more complex data sets not typically exposed to our business team
  • Analysis and repair of customer-reported issues related to data integrity issues
  • Automate, audit and maintain data source backups including RDS MySQL, local MySQL dumps, EBS snapshots, Mongo and Elasticache/Redis.
  • Configure and maintain slow query logging, alerting and reporting.
  • Ensure data sources are adequately monitored and configured to alert appropriately when performance issues arise.
  • Determine appropriate response for database performance issues - create tickets and communicate in Slack channels.
  • Evaluate performance issues - implement operational solutions such as adding indices, suggest functional solutions that require developer cooperation.
  • Coordinate and implement regular database maintenance such as reboots, version upgrades and index rebuilds.
  • Communicate and manage AWS-initiated database maintenance
  • Report on and maintain parity between test environment databases and production whenever possible.
  • Spin up new database instances on request from developers with appropriate communication to Ops group.
  • Observe our application stack during stress/load tests and report on impact of datasources, make recommendations appropriately.
  • Manage user permissions inside MySQL, Postgres and Mongo data sources.
  • Assist users with SQL scripts and ad hoc queries on request (in all data sources including Mongo and Redis).


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