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Android Developer

The Android Developer or Mobile Software Developer is responsible for designing, developing, and integrating new mobile software features as part of the software development lifecycle which includes:

  • Designing and developing features based on system design documents;
  • Integrating and testing features with the project’s subsystems;
  • Debugging and testing field issues with mobile software;
  • Troubleshooting integration and deployment issues, developing alternative solutions, workarounds, and triaging to resolve software issues; and
  • Effective communications between the Mobile Software, Testing, and other teams.

  • Experience in the following:
    • Java Programming
    • Git/Version Control
    • Android Unit and Instrumentation Testing
  • Knowledge of the following:
    • Design Patterns
    • Android and Java Standards
    • Android Threads
  • Familiarity with the following technology:
    • Kotlin Programming
    • Kotlin coroutines
    • Model-view-presenter Architectural Pattern
    • Android Room Database
    • Dagger 2 Dependency Injection
    • ReactiveX
  • Proficiency in writing clean and maintainable code;
  • Flexibility in terms of task assignments and working hours; and
  • Stable internet connection at home for the application process and possible work-from-home arrangement.


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