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Account Specialist

Job Description:

The Account Specialist’s responsibilities include interfacing with clients and performing tasks for the company's day-to-day sales operations - with the goal of maintaining high-level customer service. This person will be working closely with other members of the sales and marketing team, as well as coordinate with other business units in the company.

The Account Specialist will be responsible for upholding the department and company’s reputation by accepting ownership of assigned tasks and exploring opportunities that add value to the job.

  • Assists in the management of clients and performs regular check point meetings to ensure client retention
  • Responds to customer concerns and requests via email, phone, or in-person meetings
  • Prepares sales presentations and reports, updates a database of clients, and organizes documents
  • Coordinates with the finance department for invoicing activities, as well as with different teams to ensure smooth business operations
  • Performs upselling and cross-selling strategies to expand profitability of existing accounts
  • Other roles and tasks may be assigned as necessary
  • Must be a bachelor's degree holder
  • Excellent communication skills in both oral and written
  • Entrepreneurial, self-driven and passionate
  • Reliable, proactive, and detail-oriented
  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills


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