Software Engineering Done Right

3/F CJV Building
108 Aguirre Street, Legazpi Village,
Makati City, Philippines 1229

We won't promise you the world. Instead, we will give you the truth.

The world has recognized the Philippines as one of the leading outsourcing destinations. We want to keep true to this reputation by showcasing the talent of the Filipino software developer. We will do what we can, to the best of our ability, to make sure you grow as a professional, as a person, and as a responsible citizen of this country. That is our promise.


We want to change the world. We have the ability to contribute to economic development and the educational system by making the Philippines a center of excellence in software engineering. Partnering with various local organizations, we do our part by sharing our knowledge through technology training and development programs.


We want to challenge your mind. Our culture fosters learning to make sure that you succeed in your job. Through technology trainings, business seminars, and mentorship programs, we help develop your career and support your growth as a professional.

O&B's crop of happy employees is a testament that our formula works well. We like to keep our employees busy with challenging projects, equip them with the knowledge to make them successful, and support their activities outside of work. A well-rounded employee is a happy employee. If you want to find out more, then talk to us. You'll be in good company.