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Advanced Android Training

Duration: 7 days

Course Overview

In this course, participants will be taught advanced Android development skills, including remote services, networking communications, notifications, sensors, telephony and SMS, and location-based services. This training course is meant to provide current Android application developers with the practical foundation of building apps using advanced features and APIs available for the Android platform.

The course will include hands-on exercises which culminate in a final machine problem. This course was developed and is taught by some of the Philippines’ well-known and respected Android software engineers and architects, and uses the format trusted by some the best companies in the Philippines.

Benefits of the Program

Provide the participants with practical knowledge of the advanced features and APIs of the Android Platform.


Participants must already be familiar with basic Android development practices.

Course Outline:

Day 1

  • Intro to Services
  • Implementing and Using Local Services
  • IPC using AIDL to implement Remote Services
  • Implementing and Using Remote Services using AIDL


  • Using Toasts
  • Introduction to Notifications and the Notification Manager
  • Creating and Triggering Notifications

Day 2

Network Communications

  • Android Networking Basics
  • Consuming HTTP Services


  • Introduction to Sensors and the Sensor Manager
  • Sensor Values
  • Using the Compass Sensor
  • Using the Accelerometers
  • Determining Orientation

Day 3

Telephony and SMS

  • Introduction to Telephony
  • Using the Telephony API
  • SMS and MMS

Camera and Media Recording API

  • Introduction to the Camera and Media Recording APIs
  • Recording Audio and Video using the video camera app
  • Using the Media Recorder to capture audio and video
  • Using the Camera App to take Pictures
  • Taking Pictures using the Camera Device
  • Adding Media to the Media Store

Day 4

Bluetooth API

  • Managing Bluetooth Devices
  • Discovering remote Bluetooth Devices
  • Bluetooth Communication

Connectivity and WIFI API

  • Checking connectivity with the Connectivity Manager
  • Managing Network Connectivity
  • Managing and Monitoring Wifi Connectivity

Day 5

p>Bluetooth API
  • Using Location Based Services
  • Finding your Location
  • Using Proximity Alerts
  • Using the Geocoder
  • Using Map View and Map Activity

Day 6

  • Machine Problem

Day 7

  • Code Review

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