Orange and Bronze Software Labs, Inc

Spring Framework

O&B is one of the largest Pivotal vFabric [formerly SpringSource] partners based outside of the United States and Europe, and is the first SpringSource partner based in the Philippines. Many of our engineers and architects have been using Spring Framework since its first stable release in 2004, and have built massive global systems as well as innovative products using Spring.

Our team continues to be early adopters in Spring technology, again being early users of such technologies as AppFuse, Grails, SpringRoo, Spring Security (formerly Acegi), Spring Integration and Spring Batch. Many of our developers have also made open source contributions to projects related to Spring and Grails.

Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Architectural design or review
  • Product engineering
  • System migration
  • Proof of concept
  • Onsite consulting & coaching
  • Training
  • Project Rescue

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