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 "A world-class engineer with five peers can outproduce 200 regular engineers." - John Chambers, Cisco CEO

Product development is not the same as application maintenance, but majority of outsourcing firms are geared for application maintenance, not product development.

In product development, you cannot afford to be reviewing each programmer's output and having them revise their work multiple times until they get it right.  You cannot afford to detail each specification, because by the time you've fully detailed a spec, you could have coded the feature yourself!  And you cannot afford to tutor your programmers on code quality!

Orange & Bronze specializes in Java product development and systems architecture. We don't just give you coders - we give you bright, efficient, well-led, self-managing Java software development teams. We don't expect the specs to be painstakingly detailed, but we will work with you until we fully understand ourselves, and we'll contact you right away when we don't. We help you come up with solutions and not need to have all the answers come from you. And code quality is in our bones.

We also know that you want to be on top of every detail of the project, which is why we use tools and practices that allow you to know a large amount of detail about your project and codebase at any time.  We host our Git code repositories online so you can immediately drill down on code and commits.  Online as well is are our issue trackers, continuous integration using Hudson or Jenkins, and static code analysis using Sonar.  You can also join our daily scrums over the phone, and we especially want your input during our end-of-sprint retrospectives.  Of course, the processes and tools are just there to enhance "individuals and interactions", so more important than the tools is a culture of open feedback and partnership with our clients.  You'll experience that our developers genuinely want to work with you to develop successful products that meet your time-to-market requirements. 


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